HDFC Credit Card Reward Points | How to Redeem Hdfc Reward Points

The HDFC credit card earn and redeem Reward points. How to redeem hdfc credit card reward points. How to redeem reward points in hdfc credit card.

HDFC Credit Card Reward Points

Credit cards come with great significance as you can enjoy free service anytime. The accumulation of reward points opens several redeem options. The HDFC bank provides bankers a variety of credit cards. The majority of HDFC cards have reward points benefits making each card unique.

The HDFC bank partners with different brands exposing users to various rewards. The privileges displayed by the HDFC are airlines, gift vouchers, food outlets, hotel services, and more. The rewards are available for customers who get at least 500 reward points.

HDFC Bank CC Reward Points Online Redeem Process

HDFC credit card reward points accumulate whenever the clients pay for products or bills using the credit card. Every swipe earns particular points based on the type of card. The bank also offers welcome points and miles to new cardholders. The HDFC customers can increase the points by spending a certain amount of money in a year. There are different credit cards such as HDFC platinum time’s credit card, HDFC titanium time’s credit card, JetPrivilege HDFC bank dinner’s club credit card, and more.

How to Redeem HDFC Credit Card Rewards Points

Once the points accumulate (500 points), one can convert them to certain benefits—there several ways (4 methods) to redeem the points.

HDFC Credit Card Reward Points

Online method Reward Points at HDFC Net banking

  1. Visit your HDFC Net banking account using the link
  2. Next, select the option “credit cards” on the menu.
  3. The credit cardholder who hasn’t registered their cards needs to press “register new card.”
  4. Follow the instruction of the pages, and once done, select the tab “redeem reward points.”
  5. Choose your credit card and select the “continue” button.
  6. The option will direct you to the online redemption portal. The applicant should select the tab “redeem reward points.”
  7. Next, click on the point range and the item category. Now select your favorite items based on the points and add them to the shopping cart.
  8. After shopping, select the “view shopping cart” using the shopping cart page. The page allows users to edit the items or add.
  9. Next, read the terms and conditions and if satisfied, click the checkbox to confirm.
  10. The system will display applicants’ contact and address detail, which the bank will use to deliver the items.
  11. Now check the contact details and click redeem if all information is correct. The user will receive a redemption order number for reference.
  12. If any problem arises, call customer care for help.

Through HDFC Customer Care

The HDFC customer care helps in different banking matters. They are available anytime, and one can enquire about HDFC reward points.

Sending postal mail

The applicant can also use the manual redemption process. The mail method is applicable and secure for all bankers. The user must fill in the mandatory details and send them to the reward helpdesk:

  • HDFC Banks card division, P.O. Box No. 8654, Thiruvanmiyur or P.O. Box Chennai 600041.
  • Applicants can drop the application at the nearest HDFC ATM lobbies or branches.

Points +pay

The HDFC reward points are a great way to pay for products. The credit cardholder can get discounts on products they intend to buy. One needs to pay part of the bill while the balance is deducted from the reward points. The purchase is for selected items indicated on the reward catalogue. The Hdfcbank redeem points are removed through the redemption form.

HDFC Credit Card Rewards Catalogue

Headphones & Speakers
Travel Accessories
Storage Devices
Travel and Luggage
Gift Vouchers
Home and Kitchen Appliances

HDFC credit card rewards catalogue pdf download link


  1. How long does the HDFC bank take to process the redemption request?

    The bank takes 10 to 15 days to process the request and deliver the gift voucher or merchandise.

  2. Can an applicant cancel a redemption once they send the request?

    No, the application cannot be canceled, exchanged, or returned.

  3. Hdfc reward points expiry

    It’s depending upon your credit card

3.What types of HDFC Reward categories does HDFC bank have?

The HDFC credit card categories are divided into eight segments. However, each card contains different points.

4.How can I utilize the HDFC reward points?

The HDFC credit card reward points have different uses based on what the cardholder likes.

  • Buying products and gift vouchers from the reward catalogue.
  • The users can purchase products through discounts and pay the balance using reward points (FasTrac items).
  • HDFC credit card cashback service (on selected cards).
  • Air miles.

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