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CRPF Pay Slip

India is a large country comprised of many states and holds a big population. The country has implemented different (five major forces) forces to guard, protect and maintain law and order. Each category plays significant roles in the country and state level duties. This keeps India safe, making it a peaceful country. All the states have forces that work under the Central government. The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is among the five forces. CRPF operates under the Ministry of Home Affairs under the Indian government.

The CRPF holds thousands of employees who ensure proper protection security services are delivered. However, tracking every employee’s salary details is challenging for the government. To reduce the task and keep all employee’s information safe.

The ministry introduced a CRPF website portal to accommodate all employee’s details. Here CRPF members can check their monthly salary slip detail, GPF pays slip, NGO, and CRPF home payslip. The CRPF website link ( ). To access the portal, employees require a username and password as login credentials.

CRPF Pay Slip

CRPF Pay and GPF : CRPF Home Pay Salary Slip login details

The CRPF web portal is available to CRPF employees only. The members must enter the login credentials to proceed. Member details are saved on the CRPF account and only visible to the employee. The monthly salary slip provides the user with information such as:

  • The actual date the money was deposited.
  • The amount deposited.
  • All allowances and deductions made.
  • Net salary and gross salary.
  • Loans

How to Access Personal Online CRPF portal

  1. Visit the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) website portal via the link
  2. On the homepage, there are several options.
  3. Select the tab “employee login (Dte. Gen).”
  4. The system will open a new page showing the login page.
  5. Enter the login credentials, username, and password.
  6. Next, enter the captcha code and submit.

CRPF Login portal: CRPF Payslip Detail through a Mobile Device

The CRPF employees can access their CRPF payslip information through their mobile phones. The CRPF mobile app is easy to download and navigate.

  • CRPF members need to download and install the CRPF app on their mobile.
  • Open the app and proceed to the login tab.
  • Enter your username and password, followed by the captcha code.
  • Click the submit button to access the user ID.
  • You can now view payslip and salary details from the page.
  • The user can get a pdf format salary slip which is easy to store on your device.

CRPF Salary 2024: Monthly salary slip, Payscale, grade pay, basic pay, and total pay

The CRPF forces work under the central government and receive a salary based on government directives. The salary is divided as per the officer’s ranks. The CRPF police force has 15 ranks; each receives different salaries. The 7th CPC was beneficial to the forces giving an increase in the salary.

The CRPF risk allowances and CRPF accommodation

The government offers several allowances to the CRPF forces to cater to their needs and families. Every employee is entitled to allowances and benefits.

School facilities for their CRPF officer’s children.

All children of the CRPF officers are provided with school facilities in the country. The government has provided 55 Montessori schools in the country to provide education to the children.

Financial assistance for the families

Family members of the CRPF officer get financial assistance for dare situations such as medical emergencies, natural calamities, etc. They can visit certain hospitals for treatment in the country.

  • The welfare of disabled personnel education scholarship.
  • Retired personnel welfare scheme
  1. What happens when my CRPF account gets locked?

    Suppose a member enters the wrong password and exceeds the set trial times. The account will automatically lock. The employee has to wait for 24hours to log in again. Ensure to have the right password to avoid deactivation.

  2. Can I access previous payslips from the CRPF portal?

    Yes, the CRPF portal allows users to access the payslips from the last 3-4 years. You can get any month’s payslip by searching from the portal.

  3. Is the mobile app available to all CRPF members?

    The CRPF mobile application is available to all employees. One needs to download and install the app on their mobile for easy access.

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