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The Uttar Pradesh police force works to ensure peace and order are maintain in the state. There are different departments all having the same goal of a peaceful state. Every state has state police have their separate organization, which assists in state police payment and salary disbursal for every police officer. The organization uses an online payroll management system to manage the payslip and employee details.

UPP Pay Slip

UP police can check their monthly and annual payslip and download salary slips, salary statements, leaves, and more. The Uttar Pradesh payroll system is called the Uttar Pradesh police Nominal Roll system. The portal is open to all police ranks for salary-related details. The portal has both languages English and Hindi, based on user preference.

How to Download UP Police Payslip through online portal

  1. Open the UP police Nominal payroll website page link.
  3. The salary slip page will open requesting your login details such as “personal number,” month (serial number of the month the salary slip), and the year.
  4. Next, click the option “show report.”
  5. The system will display the salary slip on the page.

UP Police Salary Structure 2024

UP police’s monthly salary is divided into different sections such as basic pay, allowances, gross wage, deduction, and net salary. 

  • Basic Pay

This the minimum pay the UP police officer gets during the entire service. It doesn’t decrease but can increase based on promotions in the posts. 

  • Allowances

These are extra benefits offered to all employees. The benefits are determined by some factors such as the location of work.

Types of Allowances

  • HRA (house rent allowance)
  • City conveyance allowance
  • Special work allowance
  • Kit maintains allowance
  • Hill allowances
  • Bilingual 
  • Physical handicap allowance
  • Medial allowance 
  • Training grant 
  • Border allowance
  • Computer allowance 
  • Convenience allowance
  • Other allowances. 
  • Gross salary

Gross is the total pay without any deductions. 

  • Deductions

From the gross salary, there are several legal deductions made every month. The government deducts income tax, provide fund, loans if any and more.

  • Net Pay 

The net pay salary is the amount that remains after all deductions are made from the gross salary.

Other salary slip features

  • Employee’s number 
  • Gratuity provisional fund
  • PLI No. 
  • Rank 
  • Unit 
  • NPS A/C
  • Bank and A/C number.

UP Police Personal Number ID?

To access the UP payroll website page, the employee needs to present various login details. The officer requires the personal number ID (nine-digit number). The number is an offer to every employee during recruitment. It’s also available on the monthly payslip, making it easy to find it. The personal number is unique to every employee and is allot once the same way as the UAN number. 

How to Enter Month and Year on the UPP Payroll Portal

  • Open this portal link
  • Once you login to the personal number,
  • you must select the month and year you need the salary slip.
  • You don’t need to enter the month’s name,
  • Just the number and year.

For example:

  • Enter month: 1 (January) don’t enter the name, just the month’s number. 
  • Enter year: 2024 or any preferred year. 

Next, click the show report button to view the salary slip. Now click the download button to get the report on your device.


  1. Is the UP police Nominal roll system open to other police officers in India?

    Every state has a particular paying body. The service is only available to the state police.

  2. Where can I get the UP personal ID?

    The personal number is issued during recruitment. However, it’s easy to get your personal number as it is indicated on the payslip. 

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