How to Take 360 Degree Photo with Iphone 7, Iphone 7+ Plus

How To Take 360 Degree Photos With iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus?

Procedure to take a 360 degree photo with iphone 7 & iphone 7 plus: Taking 360 degree photo in iphone 7 is simple, easy and straight forward. The good thing is that taking 360 degree photos doesn’t necessarily require special requirements; you can create VR ready photos by simply using the camera on your iphone 7.

With the 360 degree photos, viewer can check the surroundings as well as to get idea on the environment, not just one angle of the photo users can look around the 360 degree photo dragging with the finger or cursor relying on their smart phones built in gyroscope. Full details about How To Take 360 Degree Photos On Your iPhone 7 Or iPhone 7 Plus given below.

How to take 360 Degree Photo with Iphone 7, 7Plus

This adds a somewhat more real feel to a photo, allowing others to get a better grasp of the scene you have shared and feel like they’re the part of the action even if they are just looking at the photo. If you have an iphone 7 or iphone7 plus you can take 360 degree photos simply by using the panorama mode in the built in ios camera app. The result will not be as high quality as when taking 360 degree photos on a special 360 degree camera, but they are still good enough to offer a more immersive experience than normal photos. In this we have given the detail procedure about how to take a 360 degree photo with iphone 7.the below is the procedure to take 360 degree photo with iphone7 or iphone 7 plus.


  • Turn on your iphone 7.
  • Then from the home screen, open the camera app.
  • Change the mode of the camera into panorama mode, simply by swiping the screen left side twice.
  • Start taking the picture by pressing the capture button.
  • Then move your iphone 7 or iphone7 plus to right and have the arrows stay on the line until the end.
  • After you have taken the picture, press the capture button again.
  • Then the process of taking the 360 degree photo in your iphone 7 or iphone7 plus is completed.

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