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TSRTC Bus pass Apply online application 2023: Telangana students & general public, PHC, NGO, TS Bus pass status check at online.tsrtcpass.in

TSRTC Bus Pass

The Covid-1 pandemic had severely affected many business services in India. The majority of states closed down public facilities. To ensure safety first for their citizens and stop the spread of the virus.

Telangana state was among the many states taking preventive measures to ensure safety for all. With several measurements inline services such as Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC). They have resumed and fully operating providing various services. The TSRTC is using digital platforms to serve students and the general public.

Everyone can access the TSRTC online portal and apply for the bus pass. There are other beneficial services on the TSRTC page. Users can get the online form, status and edit services, online bus pass, Telangana student, General, PHC, NGO bus pass, and more.

TS Bus Pass



TSRTC Student Bus Pass Apply Online

How to apply for TSRTC student bus pass online process

  1. Open the Telangana State RTC website page.
  2. https://online.tsrtcpass.in/
  3. The homepage will show click the option “district pass” on the page.
  4. The option will direct you to a new page. Select the “apply” button under the tab “passes for schools students (9th class and above).
  5. The system will display the registration form, enter the required details to proceed.
  6. On the student details section, key in the following options:
    • Name
    • Father’s name or guardian
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Aadhaar number
    • Operational mobile number and email.
    • Answer the question “is employee children “yes or No.”
  7. Next, upload the recent photo of the applicant.
  8. For the residential details, enter the following:
    • District
    • Mandal
    • School name
    • Class
    • Admission number
    • School address.
  9. In the route detail tab, the user needs to answer the question, “At which center you want to collect ID/pass.
  10. Now choose the pass type.
  11. Proceed to the mode of payment and pass the collection option. Enter the model and pass delivery mode.
  12. Recheck and verify the information and click submit button.

TS BUS Pass Apply Online Application 2023 for General Commuter Passes

The process involves an application for a general TSRTC/PHC/NGO bus pass.

  1. Go to the TSRTC website portal.
  2. https://online.tsrtcpass.in/
  3. On the homepage, click the option district pass tan on the page.
  4. Proceed and select the option “apply” under the section “city, Greater Hyderabad and surrounding district passes.
  5. A new page will open; click the button apply under the general commuter passes.
  6. Enter the details:
    • Name of applicant
    • Father’s name/guardian’s name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Aadhaar number
    • Registered mobile and email ID.
  7. You need to upload the scanned photo of the applicant.
  8. The residential address section is key in the district, Mandal, village, postal code, and address.
  9. Next, enter the pass type details key in the city and pass types.
  10. Proceed to the mode of payment and pass the collection tab. Enter the payment mode and pass delivery mode.
  11. Now validate the details and click submit button.

TS RTC Bus Pass Status Check & Application Edit

How to edit and check bus pass application status online

After application user can check the bus application status online. They can also edit any detail through the TSRTC web portal.

  1. Navigate to the TSRTC website portal.
  2. https://online.tsrtcpass.in/
  3. The menu selects the option update details on
    • Journalist services
    • Student service
    • PHC services
  4. On the homepage.
  5. Click the option update details and track application status.


  1. What types of bus pass services are available in the TSRTC web portal?

    The system has the TSRTC bus pass, general, PHC, NGO bus pass. They can also get services such as online forms, application status, and more.

  2. Are there monthly or quarterly passes on the TSRTC web portal?

    Yes, applicants can get the monthly and quarterly services from the TSRTC portal.

  3. Are there TS bus passes for school students?

    The TSRTC provides both student and general public bus passes. The student bus pass is available for class 9th and above.