DDOREQ AP, TS Cyber Treasury for Employees Salary Bill Preparation

DDO Request (ddoreq) AP & TS Treasury for Salary Bill Preparation Cyber Treasury for Employees Salary Bill Preparation https://treasury.apcfss.in/ddoreq (AP) https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq/ (TS)


The people of Telangana (TS) and Andhra Pradesh (AP) are reaping a lot of the benefits that come with technology. Thanks to the development of the Telangana ddoreq as well as the AP ddo request, the preparation of the employee salary cannot be any easier. At first, the two states shared the same site but the two separated later.

Ddoreq is the short form of ddo request. What it is and how it is achieving the simplification of the process highlighted above is in our discussion. This piece will look at how the AP treasury and Telangana treasury offer treasury cyber bills services to its residents. There are also guidelines on carrying out ddo claims and how to use the ddo code and the sites for both the ts ddo request and that of AP. Check it out!

DDOREQ AP, TS Treasury Employee Salary Slip Preparation (DDO Request)

Once you prepare and generate the salary bills, you can create a pay slip for a particular employee. How do you go about it? Continue reading to find out.

  1. First Visit the AP DDOREQ new website https://treasury.apcfss.in/ddoreq/ for telangana visit https://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq/
  2. Fill in your ddo code as well as the appropriate password
  3. Go to the ‘Reports’ module and select the ‘Pay Slip’ option from the down drop menu
  4. Enter both the month and the year of the slip you wish to generate
  5. Tap on the ‘report in the text.’
  6. A link will appear on top of the page. It reads ‘Payslip generated for “The particular DDO Code”. Right click on it
  7. Select the “ Save As” option from the menu
  8. Save it as you may wish for future use
State WiseDDO REQUEST Website URL
AP cyber treasury DDO request new websitehttps://treasury.apcfss.in/ddoreq/
TS cyber treasury DDOREQ Websitehttps://treasury.telangana.gov.in/ddoreq/
Andhra Pradesh & Telangana Cyber Treasury DDO Request Websites for Employee Pay Slip, GPF Slip, Pension, CFMS Bills status, DDOREQ


As shown above, both the government DDOs and the employees have a reason to smile. Ultimately, the processes of the preparation of salary bills as well as their generation have been discussed extensively. Our focus was both the Telangana ddoreq and the AP ddoreq.

The Telangana treasury has their ddo request. That is the same case with the AP treasury. If you follow the steps to the latter, you will successfully create and generate an employee salary bills. With only a ddo code and a password, you will access the sites and do various activities.